Kieron Gillen To Write Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt For Dynamite In 2019

by Olly MacNamee

In between bringing The Wicked +The Divine to a crashing climax and planning the Empire’s strike back in Star Wars, Kieron Gillen has managed to sneak in a further book, this time for Dynamite. For his next trick, Gillen is reaching back into the Dynamite toy box and pulling out Charlton Comics and Ozymandias’s spiritual father,Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt, joined by up and coming artist Caspar Wijngaard too.
Here’s what Kieron had to say about this upcoming comic debuting in January 2019:

I’ve been away from the genre for a few years. This is me refreshed, grinning and more than a little bit angry. I want to try things. I want to have fun. Hell, we’ve created a whole new supporting cast of heroes for this series because we wanted to. I wanted to do a state of the art, state of the superheroic nation, and Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt is it. High adventure, big ideals, epic destruction, heroism, despair, and nine-panel grids.

As for his collaborator on this comic, Capsar Wijngaard, Kieron added:

He’s a strikingly ambitious, notably smart artist, with a writer’s creative brain. The word “collaboration” is key. I have written this in an ornate and structured clockwork style, but knowing Caspar would be drawing it, also left room for lots of collaboration and additive ideas.

And, the first issue comes with an array of variant covers too. I can’t wait to see Gillen’s take on this character. Can you?

Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #1 will be out January 2019 from Dynamite.

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