Dark Tropic: The New Interactive Webcomic Where You Decide The Story

by Olly MacNamee

Sometimes the internet can be a force of good, and today was one of those days.
Flicking through my various social media feeds, as you do, I came across this startlingly stunning artwork for a new interactive comic called Dark Tropic, dropping Tuesday October 2nd and Friday the 5th of October and then every Tuesday and Friday after that. Put out by Evan Cagle and @TheOddGentleman (AKA games designer Matt Kobra), it would seem that the readers vote on the outcome of the story and the follow up installments will reflect those choice. Sounds interesting? Follow @TheOddGentleman to find out more.
Judging by the quality of the artwork they’ve teased, this looks amazing, and it’ll be to Cagle’s credit if he’s able to keep up the output on artwork that looks like it takes forever to create. It all looks very Heart of Darkness to me, suggesting this is much more the your average online comic book.
Why not take a look? After all, there aren’t too many things free in this life, and certainly not of this quality.

Read Dark Tropic online now!

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