Fearscape #1 Goes To Second Printing With Homage Cover To The Sandman

by Olly MacNamee

With all the acclaim for Vault Comics new series, Fearscape #1, I’m not surprised it’s already sold out. Well, that means a second printing and a new cover, this time cheekily playing on it’s own comparison with The Sandman with a very familiar looking homage cover by Tim Daniel, after Dave McKean’s TheSandman #1. And with this cover being called a Vault Vintage cover, expect more tribute covers to come. Not bad, right?

The Fearscape is a world beyond our own, populated by manifestations of our worst fears. Once per generation, The Muse travels to Earth, discovers our greatest Storyteller, and takes them with her to the Fearscape to battles these fear-creatures on our behalf. All has been well for eons, until The Muse encounters Henry Henry, a plagiarist with delusions of literary grandeur. Mistaking him for our greatest Storyteller, she ushers him into the Fearscape. Doom follows.

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