NYCC 2018: A Visit To The American Gods Diner Hosted By Starz

by Hannah Means Shannon

Starz has set up this year at New York Comic Con in an activation within the convention boundaries, but in the open air, and brought a double-whammie of experiences, with half their space devoted to the show American Gods, and half devoted to Outlander.

For American Gods, their chosen theme is the diner that appears in the show, including original wallpaper, and other hidden easter egss and details throughout their set-up. Classic tourism looms large, with references to Route 66, motels, and more. The booths look perfect for a nice, strong cup of coffee. And maybe a chat with Mr. Wednesday.

But the food itself as advertised is plenty classic, too, as classic as the show’s logo in red neon. The attention to detail in the booth was pretty impressive. For instance, the little New York taxi cabs on top of the napkin holders.

But the star of the show is probably the chromed-out juke box. Coin op, of course.

For fans attending the show and visiting the booth, they can get their picture taken with a VR-overlaid background digitally added that offers them a big choice. Are they “old gods” or “new gods”? Choose wisely, your fate may depend on it!

And the swag–a super cool t-shirt– reminds fans of their visit to the world of American Gods.

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