Tissues & This Is Us: A Closer Look At Randall

by Christine Marie Attardo

We’re three episodes into the third season of NBC’s, This Is Us, and while many are focused on the “her” that’s been mentioned, I want to take a closer look at Randall.

Randall has always been my favorite character out of the three siblings. Last week’s episode payed special attention to his character as we got to see his birth father again, and some of the pieces of the puzzle that led to Randall staying local for his college choice. Since last season, when Rebecca lashed out at Kevin for leaving her, I wondered how Randall made his decision to stay close. I admired the way he was able to talk with his mother so honestly. Watching the flashbacks of his youth gave a lot of insight to why he turned into the adult that he is currently.

Still, Randall is always searching to fill voids. This episode showed him attempting to help out a woman who is birth father used to know by inquiring about repairs to the community center she works at. The exchange didn’t end too favorably for Randall as he still ended up feeling as left out as ever. Missing both of his father’s led to a very discouraging day, ending with Kevin’s movie premiere. What follows just makes things worse as Kevin blabs on about how Kate said that she is the only one who will carry on their father’s genes. Then we see this face…

Yep, sheer fury. I really felt that this was dumb of Kate to say. It couldn’t be further from the truth. When we look at the siblings lives, it is easy to see that Randall was really the only one who followed in Jack’s footsteps, took care of his mother, had a wife and children, and a successful career. Randall is an excellent father and husband. That’s way more than Kevin and Kate can say. Kate is only recently diving into a family focused life.
I am eager to see how Randall will react to all of this. We have seen him breakdown before, but I have a feeling this season might lead to something different. Maybe a gigantic family fight that changes things forever?
This Is Us airs at 9pm on NBC every Tuesday. You can catch up on Hulu any time.

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