NYCC 2018: Jughead’s Mother And Sister Finally Revealed

by Erik Amaya


Gladys and Jellybean Jones are finally headed for Riverdale.
As revealed at the show’s New York Comic Con panel, Gladys will be played by Gina Gershon while Jellybean will be played by Trinity Likins. According to Deadline, Gladys is a “Serpent with a GED,” who “acts as Fagin to a crew of teenaged car parts thieves.” Jellybean — or JB — is also a con artist in her own right.
Over the course of the first two seasons, Jughead’s (Cole Sprouse) mother and sister were discussed, but never seen. At some point, they moved to Toledo as F.P.’s (Skeet Ulrich) alcoholism worsened. In fact, Toledo was at times Jug’s escape route or a threat depending on his own situation in town. Nonetheless, he has always felt their absences and speaks of them fondly. Well, when he has time to think about them considering all the goings-on in the once sleepy hamlet.
The missing Jonses will debut in the December 12th episode, which means a great deal of story will transpire before they get back to town, including a flashback episode in which viewers will learn about a secret the parents around Riverdale have kept hidden for thirty years.
Riverdale returns October 10th on The CW.

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