Kickstarting Comics: Our Final Halloween By Garley And Lee-Graham

by Olly MacNamee

Writer Mike Garley (Slasher Samurai) and artist Michael Lee-Graham (Dead Roots), stalwarts of the thriving UK indie comics’ scene, have just set up a very seasonal Kickstarter to crowdfund their new digitally-only book, Our Final Halloween, which will be a thirty-four-page horror one-shot full of ghouls, monsters, mystery, and plenty of blood.

Our Final Halloween tells the story of a diverse group of characters who need to band together to fight an ancient evil, in this John Carpenter/HP Lovecraft inspired 80s horror romp.

The campaign is only open until October 30th so that, ingeniously, backers can receive their comic on Halloween itself! What a treat, and what a unique selling point, I think, for anyone interested in such terrifying tales.
Here’s what Garley said about this initiative and the campaign:

We wanted to make an event comic that captured the fun and excitement of Halloween, which is why we’ve created a Kickstarter that helps us build to a Halloween launch. We’ve commissioned an original sound track (featuring the track from our Kickstarter video), essays on horror, guest artist pin ups, and guests posts leading up to the launch of the comic on the 31st.

Its certainly an original campaign and one that looks to be working, judging from a quick glimpse at their Kickstarter. For more on the campaign and the various pledges up for grabs check out their campaign page here.

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