‘A Day In The Lives’ For The Team In Justice League #9

by Olly MacNamee

One of my favourite issues of The New Teen Titans by Marv Wolfman and George Perez was issue #8, “A Day In The Lives…”; an issue that took time out from the frenetic madness of the first few issues to focus on the individual team members so we could get to know them better. Well, issue #9 of Justice League is a very similar affair and one we the readers needed, if only to give us all a chance to catch our breathe before the next universe-level threat from the Source Wall comes training down upon of heroes. Up until now the action has been relentless and that can take its toll on everyone!

Needless to say, I loved this issue, giving us a glimpse into the everyday operations fo the Hall of Justice which is open till 9pm week nights for one and all to visit. On top of that we have a quick rummage around each core member’s living quarters, or ‘domains’ as they are referred to by the gang. While we witness Superman’s quarters as light, bright and very open spaced, Batman’s is a closed off extension of his own mysterious Batcave, as you’d expect. But, Scott Synder does give a decent explanation for each League’s choice in decor, as Arthur Curry and Princess Diana discuss such issues as handy exposition for the reader. Beats a double page pull-out dissecting the Hall of Justice (which I am sure will happen sooner rather than later) we use to get in our comics and shows what a master storyteller sender has become.

All the while, Superman is rebuilding the moon, showing that even on ether downtime they’re always busy with something or other. All beautifully rendered by the return of Jorge Jimenez, who’s artwork sings to you from each panel of each page. The artwork is so joyous, contemporary, and it’s no wonder this comic gets a critical handclap most issues from us reviewers. Whether he’s drawing a cafeteria scene in which the various members of the expanded Justice league and their offset support team, the Titans, break bread together, or whether he’s designing some unholy terror from the deepest depths of space, Jorge is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the comic book industry. I loved his work on Earth 2, and am so glad he’s hit the big leagues (literally) with this auspicious gig. Long may he stay on this book and delight readers young and old for a long time more.
Like the Porter scene in Macbeth, this was a much needed break for all parties involved, allowing us to take our collective pedals off the metal and soak up the team dynamics, while learning the Batman is somewhat conservative in his outlook on the world. Something Superman is more than happy to try and help him with. And, that’s what this book is all about at its core, just like the New Teen Titans, or any other team book, when at its best. Friendships, relationships ad being there to lead a hand. This comic will give you a warm, fuzzy glow when reading it, and that’s a great feeling to have and a reminder why I still love comics as much today as I did when I discovered then on my local newsagents spinner rack many, many moons ago now. More one-offs like this please! As much as we love the melodrama, soap operatics are a great inclusion too, bringing these characters to life and making them far more relatable.
Well worth picking up and available now from DC Comics.

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