Doctor Who: First Impressions Of The New Doctor

by Tito W. James

Doctor Who is the long-running Sci-Fi series from the BBC about an alien called the Doctor who travels through time in a Police Box that’s bigger on the inside. Together with the Doctor’s human companions they traverse the galaxy to unravel mysteries both bizarre and terrifying.
The show is in its eleventh modern season and features actress Jodie Whittaker playing the role of the Doctor. How does the new show compare to past incarnations and is it a good jumping on point for new audiences?

The pilot’s subplot about a kid learning to ride a bike is painfully saccharine. I did my best to give the supporting cast a shot, but they really lacked charisma. The special effects are also laughably bad. Doctor Who has always been a bit of a B-movie, but in a world of TV shows with acting and effects to rival film, audiences expect more.

Whittaker’s performance as the Doctor is the highlight of the show! She’s inventive, if a bit distracted. She’s odd but never annoying. She’s smart but doesn’t have all the answers. Anyone who had any doubts as to the casting choice should put their fears aside. Whittaker is the Doctor and she has the potential to be one of the best.

Doctor Who has changed the face of its title character, but it hasn’t changed its formula. It’s a new show with a plot and effects that seem really dated. The main draw is just to watch Whittaker act. She’s wonderful, and I hope the series develops to match the quality of her acting.
If you’re a die-hard Doctor Who fan, I don’t need to convince you. You’re probably already watching the show. But if you’re new to the series and wondering what as the fuss is about, don’t ask me. It’s all just a bunch of timey-wimey wibbly-wobbly nonsense.

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