Everything Burns In Typhoid Fever: Spider-Man #1

by Tony Thornley

For several years now, Marvel has released miniseries disguised as series of connected one-shots or annuals. These series of specials have often been enjoyable, and great tryouts for new creators. Typhoid Fever: Spider-Man follows that theme, but it feels a little different from past releases.

That may be thanks to the story the team- writer Clay McLeod Chapman, artist Stefano Landini, color artist Rochelle Rosenberg, and letterer Travis Lanham– is telling. Where the past versions of these series have focused on heroes unifying for a common threat, the team dives more into the threat itself. That is definitely to the story’s advantage.
That threat is longtime Daredevil foe Typhoid Mary. Mary is under sedation in a New York City hospital, but unfortunately her different personalities, as well as her powers are poking through. This draws the attention of Spider-Man, who fights Mary both psychically and physically, until she overpowers him. Lucky for Spidey, the fight has drawn the attention of the X-Men!

Chapman tells the story from Mary’s perspective. This enables a much more emotionally resonant story. It also creates a very different dynamic for the superhero action.
Typhoid Mary is not the typical supervillain, so the story ranges from illusion to a physical fights. Chapman also does a lot to humanize her. She’s a damaged woman, not wholly evil.
Landini’s art is a lot more sketchy and rough than you normally see in a Spider-Man story. In this case it works. It adds to the chaos of the conflict, and is able to switch between the mind and the city very easily.
Rosenberg’s work is key here. She switches between bright colors and sepia tones based on the setting. It not only creates a distinction between the mind and the real world, but also creates a dream-like feel.

This is not a fun story but a good one. It’s a great dive into a character who’s seen a renewed spotlight thanks to her role on Netflix’s Iron Fist.
Typhoid Fever: Spider-Man is available now from Marvel Comics.

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