Deconstructing Comics #610: Michael Kupperman Gives Us “All the Answers”

by Hannah Means Shannon

The Deconstructing Comics Podcast is back tonight talking with cartoonist Michael Kupperman about his fascinating life and work.
All the Answers Michael Kupperman, best known for the likes of Snake ‘n’ Bacon and Tales Designed to Thrizzle, decided to go with a more serious and narrative-driven approach with his latest work, All the Answers. It’s the true story of how his father, Joel Kupperman, became famous on the radio and TV show Quiz Kids during and after World War II, an experience which not only scarred him for life, but had implications for Michael’s life as well.
In this episode, Michael Kupperman talks about his use of silhouette, the pointers he took from reading Grant Morrison’s work, and the common graphic-novel misfires that he tried hard to avoid. Then, Tim and Kumar review All the Answers, and identify other potential book topics hiding in its narrative!
Listen up below!

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