Scout Comics Brings A Harsh Dystopian Future To Print With Dust

by James Ferguson

With the latest news about climate change, a comic like Dust might hit a little too close to home. The new series from Scout Comics is set in the distant future where Jupiter has ignited, creating a second sun in our solar system. This has caused the polar ice caps to melt and the Earth to try out. The rich and powerful have built a utopia underground to escape the harsh conditions on the planet’s surface called The Echo. Meanwhile, the rest of humanity has been left to either die or find a way to survive in a barren, godforsaken land called The Dust.

Dust creator Brett Register says:

The main protagonist is a girl named Keeli. She was born in The Echo, but at a very young age she was abandoned and deported to The Dust. She grew up alone, never truly knowing who she is or why she was left behind. But little does she know that the answers to her questions will change the world forever.

Dust is illustrated by Zack Finfrock. No specific release date has been announced just yet.

Scout President James Haick adds:

To say that Scout is excited to be adding Dust to our ever-expanding library would be a massive understatement. It’s a large-scale concept that takes theoretical science to tell a Stars Wars-level story. We have high-hopes for Dust, and the creative team of Brett Register and Zack Finfrock.

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