Otto Octavius Eats Some Humble Pie In Spider-Geddon #1

by James Ferguson

At long last, the next big Spider event kicks off in earnest. The Inheritors have made their way to Earth-616 thanks to the arrogance of Otto Octavius. Now a group of Spider heroes from across the multiverse have once again joined forces to stop these incredibly powerful foes from destroying everything they hold dear.

We’ll get to how cool it is to see a bunch of different Spider characters together in one place in a moment. Let’s start with how cocky and frustrating Octavius is. I’m just getting back into Marvel Comics, but was Doc Ock always this much of a jerk? First off, he’s calling himself the Superior Octopus, which is a pretty egotistical thing to begin with.
I also have to wonder if he can hear himself talk. He throws out some of the cheesiest dialogue that makes it sound like he’s trying so hard to be the hero here. It’s like his only experience with good guys were in old Prince Valiant comic strips. This isn’t a criticism of Christos Gage’s writing. If anything, it shows how well he’s gotten this character’s personality across because I already hate him so much.

I do like the design of the Superior Octopus costume. Letterer Travis Lanham matches Octavius’ internal narration to the color scheme of the outfit, showing up in black boxes with light green frames for a nice touch. Colorist David Curiel makes the costume pop on the page and really stand out from the other Spider characters.
While Spider-Geddon kicks off with some pretty devastating moves from the Inheritors, it’s almost worth it to see Octavius get his comeuppance. He’s shown that he’s not as smart as he thought he was. Unfortunately, this big slice of humble pie is rather deadly to those around him. It’s a good thing there are so many Spider folks around because it’s clear that they’re not all going to make it out of Spider-Geddon alive.

OK. Now let’s talk about how cool it is to get all these characters together. Early on, artist Jorge Molina draws an impressive splash page with eight different Spider folks including my new favorite, Spider-Punk. This gave me an immediate sense of joy and it only goes up from here. There is something so intrinsically cool about the design of the Spider-Man costume that lends itself to these new iterations.
Seeing them leap into action is pretty great. They all have spider powers so they have that signature jump with their arms and legs popping out in different angles. You don’t need to know the history of each of these characters because sometimes their name is enough to get an instant understanding of what they’re about.

I was previously only familiar with Morlun from the Inheritors, however it’s easy to get up to speed on what they’re about and how deadly they are. They definitely make their presence known quickly. No punches are pulled with their actions. One of them would be tough, but having three of them together will prove exponentially difficult.
This is a great way to start an event and it’s localized to the Spider-Man titles. Granted, our Peter Parker doesn’t even appear in this comic, so that’s a bit of a bummer, but it won’t be long until he’s fighting off the Inheritors side-by-side with the other Spider folks. That doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of this book or how fast it’s set the stakes.
Spider-Geddon #1 from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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