Bully Wars #2 Makes Things Interesting

by Tony Thornley

Anyone who’s ever told you they weren’t bullied is lying. Even the worst bullies end up getting bullied themselves in some way. So what would you do to prevent that from happening?
Bully Wars #2
That’s the question asked – and answered – by Skottie Young, Aaron Conley, Jean-Francois Beaulieu and Nate Piekos in the second issue of the series. They also dive deeper into the set up for the series to come, both in the character and plot sense.
After some initial bumps, Rufus, Spencer, Edith and Ernie team up to get Rufus into the Bully Wars, Rottenville High’s biggest event, and beyond that to victory. The stakes- Rufus gets to be the school’s biggest bully, and leaves the kids alone in return. To do it involves blackmail and the biggest cork board in world.
Bully Wars #2
Young’s script continues to be zippy and fun. He balances jokes and gags with some genuine character development. Rufus quickly is being humanized more and more, and the seeds of a bond between the bully and his former targets is being planted. It never loses the cartoon-like style though, which keeps it fun for anyone reading.
Conley’s art remains a great compliment for the sharp script. I love how much detail he fills the pages with. It’s not even just jokes and easter eggs either, but just simply adding a depth and richness to the world.
Beaulieu’s colors add a richness to the world. They are bright and vibrant. Piekos’ work is a lot the same, setting a light tone, and conveying a lot of information in a great way.

For any fan of Young’s work looking for a story they can share with their family, this is it.
Bully Wars #2 is available now from Image Comics.

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