The Inner Circle Unleashes A New Weapon When The Gifted Returns

by Erik Amaya

The Gifted is going on a short hiatus to accommodate the World Series, but when it returns, the Inner Circle will unveil their latest Mutant weapon; a character seemingly more powerful than Andy (Percy Hynes White) or Lorna (Emma Dumont).

Presumably, the newest recruit is the Mutant Andy, Lorna and the Frosts (Skyler Samuels) freed from Lynwood. But considering the way last night’s episodes withheld their identity, it’s possible this new weapon and the person they liberated are different people. Sure, it might be unlikely, but it is a slim possibility.
Also slim are the chances that Turner (Coby Bell) will ever turn toward compassion and understanding. His marriage is on the skids and the Purifers have found a powerful asset to turn with Jace. Provided, of course, they can convince him that their klanish iconography will accommodate him. While it makes sense to have one of the established characters enter their world, it seems the cost will be Turner’s soul.
Caitlin’s (Amy Acker) soul also seems up for the taking as she slides further and further into dark territory. Playing with a junkie’s body like that is no joke, even if her pleas made me laugh a couple of times. It also proves just how unhinged she’s become if she’s willing to sacrifice her ethics and even her daughter to get Andy back. The flashback might explain why she feels so strongly, but from the outside, it still seems like she’s crossed over a line into morbid obsession.
The Gifted returns in two weeks on Fox.

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