Assassins, Hipsters, Detectives & More In Early Preview Of Nice #1

by James Ferguson

American Gothic Press has partnered with Echo Lake Entertainment for Nice, a new series packed with everything from hired killers to deranged detectives. Originally created as a pilot, the story has been repurposed by writers Dagen Walker and Joseph Ettinger, with artwork by Marc Rene, colors by Dennis Calero, and letters by Jenn Pham.

Here’s the solicitation information for the first issue:

It’s a nice day for a murder… American Gothic Press’s first series collaboration with Echo Lake Entertainment begins here! Kevin and Jose are twenty-something hipsters cruising through life in a fancy car, drinking at bars and chatting about nothing, except when their mysterious employer sends them on errands that may involve killing people. More often they’re expected to just clean up after the excitement is over. But a deranged cop’s personal investment in the organization they work for is about to change everything.

Nice checks off so many boxes for me so I’m eager to check this out. It sounds like a great collection of awesome story tropes and characters. The first issue is set for release on December 5th, 2018. It will feature a cover by Marc Rene and another by Tula Lotay.

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