Exorsisters #1 Makes Demonic Possession Fun!

by Tony Thornley

Okay, okay, Exorsisters #1 doesn’t ACTUALLY include a demonic possession–yet. But it is a very fun comic about a pair of demon-hunting exorcist sisters-for-hire.

This new series from Image Comics is a lighthearted shot in the arm to the horror genre from Ian Boothby, Gisèle Lagacé, Pete Pantazis, and Taylor Esposito. The creative team creates a horrifying world in this first issue, but with a wink and a nod.
Cate and Kate Harrow are premier demon hunters. Cate is straightlaced and by the book. Kate is the wild magic user. We meet the duo as they investigate an apparent demonic kidnapping at a wedding. They find the truth is a lot more complicated, but they are also visited with an ominous warning.

Boothby and Lagacé have created a strange book here, in a good way. If it wasn’t for the visit to literal Hell, I’d call this an all ages book. It’s light, fun, and energetic; I’d be tempted to call it a horror comedy, but it’s really not scary. That’s actually to the book’s benefit!
Boothby’s plot and story treats the supernatural as a bit mundane, but that’s due to the sisters’ exposure to it. The banter between the duo is also very fun, as they actually feel like sisters, not just two characters who interact with each other. It’s a relationship that gets turned on its head in the final page, but that actually makes it better.

Lagacé’s Archie-influenced style has been something I’ve enjoyed for a long time. She is able to lighten the book’s otherwise dark feel. Without her work, this story might have felt more like Supernatural or Charmed, but instead it’s a comedy book that plays with horror tropes in a fresh way. Without her, an extended joke about a possession gone wrong in the middle of the book wouldn’t have landed nearly as well.
Pantazis’s colors stay bright and in primary tones that fits with Lagacé’s work. It keeps the comedic tone well, and really shines when the girls visit hell. Esposito plays with that as well, with some fun choices in fonts, balloon types and caption placement.

This is a fun book for any horror fan, especially for someone looking for something a little different!
Check out our interview with co-creator Giselle Lagace here!
Exorsisters #1 is available now from Image Comics!

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