Source Point’s The Seance Room Launches A Vinyl Concept Album On Kickstarter

by Hannah Means Shannon

The intersection of music and comics gets more interesting every day, and when I was attending Baltimore Comic Con this year, I met Ben Goldsmith, and learned not only about his Source Point Press comic The Seance Room, but also about the vinyl concept album that he would soon be launching on Kickstarter to tie in to the comic series.

The Seance Room was Goldsmith’s first comic, and the idea of music came easy to the series, leading the team to actually make the music they thought would accompany the piece, performed by Goldsmith and Pat McCann.
Goldsmith explains:

The album starts with a musical journey to the room itself and then six songs. One song for each ghost and appearing in the order they appear in the comic. Keyla (the inimitable artist for the comic) created a haunting new design like the classic horror records of the 50’s and 60’s as well as a print of our fear(ful)less house keeper, Harry Weiss. This will be a limited 1 of 50 with the original art up for grabs as well. We hand-wrote the lyrics so go on a head and grab one of those bad Larry’s while your at it.

Some of the rewards for backing the project include getting the CD version of the album, getting the full vinyl, original music, and many other iterations.
Happy horror listening!
You can check out “the Vinyl that is a musical journey through the creep-fest that is…The Seance Room” via its campaign running until November 11th, 2018, right here.

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