Three New Anime Home Releases Coming From Viz Media

by Gary Catig

Viz Media, a premiere company in anime distribution, announced three new home media releases. Out next week, October 23, will be the Blu-ray debut of the film Accel World: Infinite Burst and season two of the sci-fi horror series, Terraformars: Revenge. Out now from the popular fantasy/adventure anime series, Sailor Moon, is Sailor Moon S: The Movie.

Accel World: Infinite Burst is about how a mysterious black cloud suddenly kicks out Haruyuki and his friends from their online virtual fighting video game, Brain Burst. They soon learn that the cloud is spreading affecting all players of the game and in order to protect themselves, they must battle an old, powerful being that has been sealed away since the beginning of the Accelerated World.

In Terraformars: Revenge, a deadly virus is spreading throughout Earth and the crew of the Annex 1 are on a mission to find the cure. They are put to the test as they battle not only the Terraformars but also some traitors who want to capture them by any means necessary. In the second season, alliances are broken, friends become foes and the mystery of the hyper evolved cockroaches continues to grow.

Sailor Moon S: The Movie is the second film from the series and is out now on either a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack or a standard edition DVD set. The titular character and her team of Sailor Guardians must guard Luna and a misunderstood astronomer named Kakeru from the ancient being, Princess Snow Kaguya. The princess is searching for a missing piece of her ice crystal that happens to be in Kakeru’s possession.  With a fully intact ice crystal, Princess Snow Kaguya can freeze the Earth.
What a great variety of anime available from Viz Media and each would be a great addition to your home library.

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