Spooky Baking: Have You Watched The Curious Creations Of Christine McConnell Yet?

by Christine Marie Attardo

I found myself scrolling through Netflix the other day, as I do on most days, in search for something new to watch. Now that Netflix does that thing where trailers automatically start, I found myself watching footage of a lovely looking woman hanging out with some puppets, baking spooky treats. Pretty cool, huh? The show is called The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell,and while I’m only a few episodes in, I’m still thinking about the chocolate covered peanut butter pretzel things she made that looked exactly like bones.
Thrillist described the show in this way:

The show, like McConnell herself, is an amalgamation of a number of genres: there’s a loose plot that weaves itself in between irreverent segments showcasing caramel spiders and eyeball cookies, and a number of recurring characters including a hunky love interest, a homicidal sister, whispers of a serial killer on the loose, and a ghost played by Dita Von Teese, whom McConnell counts among her friends in real life. Curious Creations is part-DIY show, part-fantastical comedy, and perfect for anyone intrigued by the strange and unusual.

I for one, am surely going to watch the rest of the season. Take a look at the trailer below and be sure to tune in on Netflix. Be sure to keep some sweet treats close by if you do.

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