Tension Reaches New Heights In Animosity: Evolution #8

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Adam North awakens in the hospital to find that the City by the Sea is in further shambles. He rushes to meet Wintermute, who tells him that she and her council are meeting the Ur-King, whom oversees the nearby sea creatures and has been sabotaging the city’s water supplies. On top of that, the Leopard has been causing more troubles in the city and has been encouraging distrust in Wintermute’s regime. Wintermute has a plan to save the city, but it will involve more bloodshed and death.

Animosity: Evolution #8 cover by Eric Gapstur and Guy Major
Animosity: Evolution #8 cover by Eric Gapstur and Guy Major

Animosity: Evolution may be on its way to surpassing even the main Animosity title, or it will at least meet it. Where Animosity uses personal tales to extrapolate larger meaning, Animosity: Evolution focuses on the larger societal themes which contextualize the intimate stories within.
In this issue, we really get into the mind of Wintermute and learn what drives the mind of an authoritarian. There are comparisons to be made to the Stalinist era of the Soviet Union, but there is a focus on machines and their usage that sets the tale more firmly in the modern era.
In addition, comparisons to Game of Thrones are easy to make, as that is the current standard for elaborate political intrigue in a fantastical setting.
It’s hard to go any further into what makes the story great without waxing philosophy about various governmental practices that people who love talking politics, like myself, live for. Anyone who has followed my past work can attest to that, but, for this review, I will just leave it at the fact that Marguerite Bennett very expertly navigates and extrapolate the complex themes in this comic.
The paneling can be a little difficult to follow at times, especially if you’re reading it digitally.
It’s also a very wordy comic, but the dialogue is so good and the ideas so interesting that it didn’t bother me as much in this issue as it did in previous installments of this title.
Animosity: Evolution #8 art by Eric Gapstur and Rob Schwager
Animosity: Evolution #8 art by Eric Gapstur and Rob Schwager

Eric Gapstur provides some solid artwork that skillfully brings this story to life. Expression and body language are particularly well-done in this comic. The animals are given distinct visual personas, and Wintermute has never looked more intimidating. Rob Schwager brings a decent color balance, but this book doesn’t do anything especially exciting with its palette.
Animosity: Evolution #8 is an expertly-told political thriller that uses its cast of talking animals and humans to convey the ideas of political and economic castes which modern society can create. It’s compelling, intelligent, and engrossing, and its artwork solidifies the story quite well. This one earns a recommendation. Check it out.
Animosity: Evolution #8 comes to us from writer Marguerite Bennett, artist Eric Gapstur, color artist Rob Schwager, letterer Marshall Dillon, and cover artist Eric Gapstur with Guy Major.

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