AHOY Comics’ The Wrong Earth #2 Goes Back For A Second Printing

by Olly MacNamee

Issue #2 of Tom Peyer and Jamal Igle’s parallel earth-swap drama, The Wrong Earth from AHOY Comics goes back to the printers having sold out at the distribution level. Here’s our review of issue #1 and I’d advise anyone after a first printing of the second issue to grab one while you still can, if you can find an issue, or grab a second printing scheduled to be released the same time as the third issue on November 21st.

The saga of two world-swapped heroes continues as, on gritty Earth-Omega, the cheerful Dragonflyman faces off against corrupt, violent police. Meanwhile, the naïve authorities of colorful Earth-Alpha enrage the grim Dragonfly. EXTRA FEATURE! Dragonflyman and Stinger confront the dastardly menace called NIMBY! Plus a text story by Kek-W, illustrated by Carol Lay!

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