Is There More Beyond The Red Door? The Haunting Of Hill House Season Two

by Christine Marie Attardo

‘Tis the season to get spooked and unfortunately, I’ve watched a lot of bad scary movies lately. Then The Haunting of Hill House happened. Netflix released the series a few weeks ago and it has been a massive hit. Why? The writing is absolutely superb. It’s the scary TV series I’ve always dreamed of and I’m so happy it exists. However, the looming question now is, will there be a second season?

Michiel Huisman the actor who plays main character, Steve, commented:

We’re just gonna wait and see how the audience responds to it and then we’re gonna figure out whether there’s gonna be a second season and if that’s gonna be, like, a sequel. It could also be an anthology which excites me.

(You can watch his full interview here.)
I say, yes! Although, I do have concerns about what would be explored in a second season. Things wrapped up pretty well for the Crain family in the end and it would be hard to see more with them. The only thing I can think of is, the scene at the end where we see many other ghosts in the house may lead to more opportunities for interactions with characters. Maybe the haunting never ends for the Crain family after all? Only time will tell.
You can stream the first season of The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix now.

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