Midnight Tiger Gets His Claws Out In New Trade Paperback From Action Lab

by James Ferguson

Gavin Shaw, the Midnight Tiger returns in a new Actionverse trade paperback from Action Lab Entertainment this December. “Stronger” has the hero fighting numerous foes including the Cutter Brothers, superpowered villains who have been terrorizing Apollo Bay. Gavin also learns some new secrets about the hero Lionsblood, which will play a big part in his future as a hero.

Midnight Tiger: Stronger is written by Vito Delsante, based on a story by Ray-Anthony Height (who also created the character). It features artwork from Eric Van Eislande, colors by Wilson Ramos Jr, and letters by Justin Birch.
Height says:

This new chapter in Midnight Tiger’s Actionverse history will be incredibly exciting! Guaranteed to bring in a whole new crop of readers.

Super heroes can be tough in an industry dominated by Marvel and DC, so I’m always glad when a newcomer breaks through. Action Lab Entertainment has been building its own universe filled with unique characters and some pretty great stuff.

Delsante adds:

I know that a lot of readers were really expecting Ray to come on and dazzle everyone with his incredible art, or to see a different story told, but I think Eric, Wilson, Justin and I did right by the audience. I think what you’re getting here is a solid story of a teenage hero going through growing pains and working through them. I’m so happy we got Eric on art. Really proud of his work and I think a lot of fans will be impressed!

Look for Midnight Tiger: Stronger at your local comic shop or at your local book store and Amazon on December 5th, 2018.

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