Spawn To Begin Filming In June Of Next Year

by Erik Amaya


While Todd McFarlane’s Spawn has been in the planning stages for 20 years, it seems to be on the verge of becoming a reality. According to Production Weekly’s Instagram account, the production is looking to start in June of 2019 in Toronto. Though the site notes the start date has been “pushed back,” it’s still a positive sign for the long-in-development film.
McFarlane will make his directorial debut with Jaime Foxx set to star as the titular Hellspawn. Jeremy Renner will also be along for the ride as Detective Maximilian “Twitch” Williams, an unconventional detective whose near fearless compliments Spawn’s demonic powers.
Since the release of the 1997 Spawn feature film, McFarlane has talked about producing a smaller scale film in which Spawn is more of an unknowable creature than a traditional screen superhero. Initially planned as a sequel, McFarlane’s concept changed into a standalone reboot as the years wore on. His intended tone, however, remained the same as he continued to pitch the idea in interviews.
And now, with the help of Blumhouse and a modest budget, it seems he will finally have the chance to tell the story his way. Granted, it could still fall apart even with stars and a rough start date lined up. Still, we’re hopeful McFarlane will finally make this movie happen.
Spawn is not yet scheduled for release.

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