Vault Launch New YA Readers Imprint, Myriad

by Olly MacNamee

Launching a YA imprint if you’re a comic book company seems to be all the rage these days. But, to hear a smaller, newer company getting in on the act isn’t something you’d maybe consider. Well, that’s just what Vault Comics are doing with their new YA imprint, Myriad, “spanning original graphic novels, one-shot graphic novellas, prestige-format graphic albums, and serialised graphic stories packaged in robust formats beyond the traditional 22-page floppy comic book.” The same quality and variety of stories that Vault are rolling out, but aimed at a wider, younger readership.
The mission statement? Here’s Tim Daniel, VP of Branding and Design for both Vault and Myriad, take on it:

This is all about choice. Our aim is to engage readers in a manner they’ve come to expect—which is through richer, deeply immersive tales offered in formats readers and parents will recognize from content services like Netflix,” said Tim Daniel, VP of Branding and Design for both Vault and Myriad.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for announced titles and form you when we hear anything. Comic book stores have always wondered how to get younger, newer readers involved. Maybe, juts maybe, this could be one such strategy that’ll keep the comic book industry robust in years to come?

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