Anti-Immigration Unrest Storms Mega-City One In Judge Dredd: Toxic #1 From IDW

by Olly MacNamee

This week sees the return of Judge Dredd to IDW with a new mini-series by writer Paul Jenkins and artist Marco Catiello with inks by Vincenzo Acunzo and colours applied by Jason Millet. For me, Dredd works best when his futuristic stories reflect the burning and oft-times divisive issues of today and this series seems to be in that vein, as it focuses on anti-immigration fervor devouring Mega City One…
Take a look at our preview and judge for yourselves!

Celebrated British writer Paul Jenkins takes his first shot at Judge Dredd! The death of a genetically modified toxic waste worker leads to a startling discovery that fuels anti-immigration fervor and threatens to spill over into the streets of Mega-City One.

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