Aphrodite V Is Alive In New Trade Paperback This December

by James Ferguson

Image Comics and Top Cow Productions will release Aphrodite V: Volume 1 this December. From Bryan Hill and Jeff Spokes, the series is set in the near future where Los Angeles is a city on the brink of evolution. It struggles with a new wave of terror powered by black market technology. The title character is a fugitive from her masters, searching for individuality and purpose. She represents the bleeding edge of biomechanics…and LA’s best hope against a new enemy that seeks to become a god among machines.

Top Cow has a number of sci-fi properties like Aphrodite V and Cyber Force under its umbrella. It’s amazing to see how these series and characters have grown and evolved with the changes in technology over the past few years.
Aprhodite V: Volume 1 is set for release on Wednesday, December 19th at your local comic shops and bookstores and Amazon on Tuesday, December 25th.

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