CBS All Access Picks Up 2-Season Star Trek Animated Series “Lower Decks”

by Erik Amaya


CBS All Access is making good on its plans to consistently feature Star Trek content.
The streaming platform announced today that it has added another series in the storied franchise to its schedule. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it will be called Star Trek: Lower Decks. Developed by Rick and Morty‘s Mike McMahan and recently anointed Star Trek boss Alex Kurtzman, the animated series will also be the franchise’s first out-and-out comedy. While other details — like a premiere date — are scarce, the program will center on “the support crew serving on one of Starfleet’s least important ship.” The pitch will be familiar to any Star Trek fan as a running joke about the importance of the U.S.S. Enterprise and other featured starships in the various spinoffs.
The service has committed to a two-season run, furthering its promise to develop as much Star Trek content as the audience will allow. That said, THR notes Lower Decks was shopped around before finding its natural home. It will join Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Short Treks, a possible series based on Khan Noonien Singh, and the forthcoming Jean-Luc Picard series in All Access’s every growing galaxy.
The move is smart. Discovery made All Access a player in the streaming market. But the program is also difficult and expensive to make. It’s first 16-episode season was delayed several times and saw co-creator Bryan Fuller leave before a single frame was shot. His replacements, Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg , also departed the show during a planned hiatus in the production of its second season amid allegations of abusing staff and wild overspending. Kurtzman, also a co-creator on Discovery, took the reins and became the overall supervisor of Star Trek‘s television future. It is a a position the long-time fan no doubt relishes, succeeding Rick Berman and Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry in the center seat. But in developing Short Treks, Lower Decks and the Picard series, he puts in place three additional productions staffs producing, presumably, year-round Star Trek content for All Access; which will no doubt make the service and fans quite happy.
Star Trek: Discovery, meanwhile, returns in January.

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