5 Point Discussions – Double Decker 3: “Your Rival Is Your Partner’s Partner!”

by Sage Ashford

Kirill wants to get to know his partner better, but their latest assignment has left them both teamed up with the other new member of SEVEN-O. Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. You know, going off the description of “rookie detective teams up with veteran for wacky hijinx”, I would’ve expected Kirill to be a more serious character. I was picturing a hotshot newbie pissing off his veteran partner by constantly doing things by the book and showing him up. Instead we wind up with…whoosh whoosh whoosh.  Yup, Kirill’s an idiot, but he’s endearing as a character. He’s not perfect–he’s overly concerned with people recognizing his heroic acts instead of just doing them, but he does care about doing his job well.  He wants to get along with the partner he looks up to, and because he’s young he gets wrapped up in social causes really easily, like with this episode. All of this basically makes him perfect for a series that clearly isn’t terribly concerned with taking itself too seriously.

2. So the case this week brings us to the industrial district, a place that looks like if an Industrial Revolution factory underwent a futuristic anime makeover. SEVEN-O is under suspicion that Anthem is being produced out of a location called GG Oil, which leads them to send in Doug, Kirill, and Pink’s rookie partner Kay to do some undercover investigation work.
Posing as reporters, the trio does interviews with the factory workers of GG Oil as well as a union currently protesting the conditions of the factory. There’s a great moment here where Kirill gets caught up in learning the stories of the factory workers–they’re paid insufficient wages and the factory’s poor conditions has led to several of their number, including the leader of the union, getting lung disease–he almost seems to forget he’s not actually a reporter. It’s meant to be a joke, but last episode we learned Kirill’s backstory was growing up poor with his older sister, so it actually lines up with who we know him to be.
After interviewing both sides, Kirill becomes mistrustful of the factory and tries to catch them in the act of smuggling Anthem, but like last episode manages to catch nothing more than people in the process of doing their job.

3. Instead of this being the first proper debut of “Doug and Kirill” together, this week adds a new partner: the “Rookie”, Kay. Her usual partner Pink takes the first available opportunity to ditch her partner so she can stop babysitting, so she spends the rest of the episode working with our protagonists. Unlike Kirill, Kay seems to have a good grasp of what she’s doing–her observant nature combined with general knowledge helps with the investigation, and she generally seems focused on her job.
….At least, she is until she asks Kirill to visit a restaurant so she can indulge in the area’s local delicacies. Kirill misconstrues her offer to go eat as a potential date, because he’s literally the most awkward dude to ever exist outside of a harem series, and instead of either of them remaining focused on the whole “undercover drug operation” they’re meant to be doing, the two wind up leaving most of the heavy lifting to Doug.

4. While Kirill is busy playing the role of “every man who’s ever had a woman smile in their direction” by confusing Kay’s desire for sustenance as romantic overtures, Doug manages to figure out who’s actually dealing the Anthem. Unsurprisingly, it’s the union leader Harry Bottoms, who started selling drugs…because he got tired of being poor. …Actually, y’know what? That’s a completely understandable reason, and I’m not entirely sure I’m against “guy who tried to do the right thing but got tired of being crushed under the heel of capitalism” if he weren’t threatening the lives of innocent people.
Still, that is what happens, as the two run into Harry while he’s on the run from Doug. He pulls a gun on them both and tries to get to the factory to gather the Anthem and escape, but when he finally gets to the factory he learns his partner–the only other character with more than a few lines this episode–has been infected with Anthem by the dealer he’s been working with.  Transformed into a guy with super-speed, strength, and the ability to change size–it takes some quick thinking on Kirill’s part to distract him long enough for Doug to get a clean shot and finally neutralize him.
I’m a tad uncomfortable with how quickly this show’s segued into being so “monster of the week”, but it’s still early days yet. Bamboo Man, the strange Anthem dealer with jewelry for teeth, seems like he could be a strong enough antagonist–if they start pushing him sooner rather than later.

5. So here’s an unexpected twist. After several episodes hinting around what happened to Doug’s old partner, apparently the guy’s still alive. Once again the show’s back to playing with expected detective show tropes–everything they’ve talked about up til now indicated Doug’s partner was very, very dead.  Getting caught while undercover, Doug needing a new partner, the team’s doctor claiming it was “a shame he’d never see Doug and Derick work together again”…all the flags were there except one: no one ever said he died.
Episode 4 is set up to deal with exactly what happened surrounding Derick leaving SEVEN-O, but it’s doubtful one way or the other he’ll be back. The show seems pretty locked in to its current cast, and while I congratulate it on playing with surface-level tropes, I don’t think this show’s writers have it in them to upend the whole series and off main cast members to reset this into something more straightforward.
Double Decker! Doug & Kirill is available on for streaming at Funimation.

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