The Thieves Guild Makes Its Presence Known In Amazing Spider-Man #8

by James Ferguson

The Thieves Guild is tired of lurking in the shadows. Its members have set out to make its mark and they’re doing it by stealing prized valuables from New York’s super heroes. Everything from Iron Man’s suits to Captain America’s shield are disappearing. Oh, and Spider-Man’s webshooters just vanished at the most inopportune time. What will the heroes do without their wonderful toys?

Much of Amazing Spider-Man #8 is spent introducing the Thieves Guild and showing just how far their reach goes. This is a group that’s been operating in secret for ages, seemingly completely under the radar. Think about how powerful they must be if they’re able to do that in a world with the Avengers, X-Men, and the Fantastic Four, just to name a few.
They’re presented as cold and calculating, which isn’t exactly something we’ve never seen before. Think about the Hand or the League of Assassins. They seem to operate in a similar fashion, albeit all about stealing. Their design is similar in nature too with lots of dark tunics and hoods. Colorist Edgar Delgado uses a shade of red reminiscent of blood for their uniforms, playing into their deadly demeanor.

Where Amazing Spider-Man #8 shines is in the humor and the relationship between Peter and MJ. On the humor side, artist Humberto Ramos shows the theft of the super heroic items in increasingly hilarious ways. It’s kind of insane how good the Thieves Guild is at stealing, because they do it at the most impossible times. Captain America throws his shield and has his hand outstretched waiting for it to return and…nothing happens. The look on his face at the end of a string of panels showing his hand is priceless.
Victor Olazaba’s inks highlight the details in the characters well, however some of the background and non-human elements can get a little sketchy. They lose some of their form, but you can still very clearly understand what everything is. It’s not like it’s something abstract or hard to discern.

This fun extends to Peter and MJ’s relationship. They’re so great together and writer Nick Spencer leans into that heavily. MJ is the one person in the whole world that Peter can vent to about both super heroics and personal stuff. She is his one true confidant and that makes this connection so very important.
One of my favorite scenes comes when Tony Stark calls Peter’s phone, but specifically for Spider-Man. Stark doesn’t know that Peter and the wall-crawler are one and the same, so Parker hastily throws on the mask in a back alley. Seeing Spider-Man in street clothes and a mask casually talking on a cell phone is pretty funny.

Letterer Joe Caramagna keeps the reader focused throughout this conversation, bouncing between Peter, MJ, and Tony on the phone. It’s some solid work that makes it feel like this is a very fast-paced chat. You can feel the nervousness in Peter’s voice and the calm, yet sarcastic tone in Tony’s.
We’ve seen a number of elements moving against Peter Parker since Amazing Spider-Man relaunched, so much so that this rise of the Thieves Guild almost seems small in comparison. It’s still chock full of the signature Parker luck and his patented sense of humor to get through any obstacle that comes his way.
Amazing Spider-Man #8 from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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