Webcomic Husband & Husband Gets Collected In May From Boom! Studios

by James Ferguson

Jonathan and Aaron Ferrara’s webcomic Husband & Husband has been documenting their real life tale of two nerds in love since 2015. It shows that love isn’t just roses and candy. Sometimes it’s video games, cat hair, and comic books. This May, Boom! Studios is releasing an over-sized collection of the webcomic along with 30 never-before-seen strips and a brand new story only available in this book.

Jonathan and Aaron Ferrara, creators of Husband & Husband say:

Time and time again we are reminded that we are better together–and it all started with Husband & Husband! When we launched our webcomic we thought to ourselves ‘Wait, why isn’t this name taken yet?’ And then we realized ‘Oh, yeah! It’s because we were just recently allowed to be married, haha!’ We like to take a comical approach on life and make people smile, whether you’re reading one of our comics or laughing with us (or at us) on our YouTube channel. We are SO EXCITED to hear more and more people use the term Husband & Husband, and hopefully seeing this book on shelves will give others the courage to say it out loud proudly.

I was unfamiliar with Husband & Husband prior to this announcement, however I learning quickly how enjoyable and downright adorable this comic is. I have a hard time keeping up with webcomics so a release like this is right up my alley.
Shannon Watters, Senior Editor, Boom! Studios adds:

Jonathan and Aaron bring a truly special warmth, charm, and insight to Husband & Husband. It’s a comic that shows you the goofy, joyous, REAL everyday that happens after you found “the one” and the love that follows. If you’re looking for a bit of hope – and some laughs – then this is the book for you.

Look for Husband & Husband in May 2019.

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