Ben 10 Goes Undercover In Next Graphic Novel From Boom! Studios

by James Ferguson

Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 is coming to comics in March 2019 with a middle-grade original graphic novel called Ben 10: The Truth is Out There from Boom! Studios. The publisher isn’t waiting to expand that line, as it has also announced the second book, coming in July 2019 called Ben 10: For Science! from writer CB Lee and artist Mattia Di Meo.

If you’re unfamiliar with Ben 10, it started as a fun cartoon following 10-year-old Ben Tennyson after he finds the Omnitrix, a mysterious watch that transforms him into ten different heroic aliens, complete with extraterrestrial super powers. Joined by his cousin Gwen and Grandpa Max, they fight all kinds of alien bad guys who have their sights set on Earth.
Cameron Chittock, Editor at Boom! Studios says:

We’re excited to jump back into all new adventures with Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max in Ben 10: For Science! C.B. Lee and Mattia Di Meo bring vibrant energy and heart to every page, worthy of this incredible series.

Ben 10: For Science! has Ben and Gwen going undercover to investigate a mysterious threat that has attacked a science camp. They’ll have to follow a grisly trail of science experiments gone wrong if they hope to find out who or what is responsible.
Writer CB Lee says:

I’m so excited to bring Ben and Gwen to the dynamic world of discovery in For Science! As they go undercover at a science camp to investigate monster rumors, they get swept up in making new friends and learning the wonders of space, robotics and more!

Boom! Studios is really making comics for everyone. It’s practically guaranteed that you’ll find at least one comic under one of their four imprints that will entertain you. Ben 10 is a great addition to their roster, particularly under the KaBoom! imprint. It joins other titles like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and Regular Show.
Artist Mattia Di Meo adds:

I can’t wait to start this new adventure with Ben 10! Ben and his family are such strong characters, so it’s a treat to bring them to life…along with robots and space aliens. What else could I ask for?

Look for Ben 10: For Science! in July 2019.

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