Return Of Wolverine #2 Asks Us Who Or What Is Soteira?

by Tony Thornley

The Marvel Universe is full of fictional evil corporations. Thanks to Return of Wolverine, we may see another added to the ranks of Roxxon, Alchemax and OsCorp- Soteira. The bulk of the issue peels away what the characters may know, and showing the readers there might be even more to it.

In this issue, Charles Soule, new line artist Declan Shalvey, Laura Martin and Joe Sabino give us a Wolverine-infused chase scene wrapped in a cover by Steve McNiven and Martin. It’s a thrilling story, but they also unpack a lot of the story’s mythology.
[*Spoilers Ahead!]

Logan and Ana race to catch up to the Soteira goons who kidnapped her son. En route, she tells him about Soteira, which isn’t enough, but it’s enough to make it clear that the company is up to no good. Unfortunately the info dump is interrupted by two of their goons–one resembling Omega Red, and the other Daken. Meanwhile, the X-Men may have found Logan!
Soule really shows his strengths for writing mystery here. It’s not a Daredevil style mystery story, but something more akin to Jason Bourne–high adrenaline action with a lot to unpack. He smartly gives us just enough to care about who these people are, and what they’re doing.

Shalvey has become a superstar the last few years for good reason. He steps into this issue seamlessly, and gives us an action packed issue. Chases are one of the most difficult cinematic tropes to translate to comics, and a boat chase even more so. Shalvey keeps the tension high with close shots, and a stellar fight between Logan and his son.
Martin’s colors hew towards a primary color palate, but it works really well in this setting. It’s a chase and fight on open water, so the primary colors come across as bright light. It evokes the setting perfectly.

There’s still a lot of mystery to come, but with smart action, interesting antagonists, and the fate of the world possibly at stake, I’m hooked. This might be the best Logan story I’ve read.
Return of Wolverine #2 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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