That Feeling When You’re A God Now: Rat Queens #12

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
The Rat Queens have been taken over by a mind-controlling cave creature. Violet is the only one left free, but she has been backed into a corner and is about to be killed by the controlled Braga. Thankfully, Maddie is to the rescue, and she and Violet free the other members of their party from the creature. Elsewhere, Delilah is being convinced that she is dead, but may instead be a god now.

Rat Queens #12 cover by Owen Gieni
Rat Queens #12 cover by Owen Gieni

Rat Queens #12 shows once again that this is one of the most consistently good series on the market. Despite a penchant for being a little too wordy (a problem which this issue does have), Rat Queens will almost always deliver lovable characters, a lot of action, some good laughs, and fantastic artwork.
This issue finds Sadie and Heather finally finding respect for one another as well as Delilah dealing with the unique problem of possibly being a god.
That latter detail is the one that I personally find more intriguing, as finding out that you met the arbitrary requirements to ascend to divinity and have people praying to you is a strange situation.
The dialogue is as entertaining as ever, with each member of the cast delivering at least one good line across the length of the comic.
Rat Queens #12 art by Owen Gieni and letterer Ryan Ferrier
Rat Queens #12 art by Owen Gieni and letterer Ryan Ferrier

Owen Gieni’s artwork delivers a distinct visual identity to the issue, and I never tire of the design of this world. There are strange creatures, awesome armor sets, and horrific beasts. The designs of the gods that Delilah meets are particularly good. The color work is vibrant and often offbeat in interesting ways too.
Rat Queens #12 may be a little too text-heavy for its own good, but that doesn’t change the fact that this was another fun and compelling issue of the Image Comics and Shadowline series. I may never tire of following the exploits of these characters and definitely give this book a recommendation. Check it out.
Rat Queens #12 comes to us from writer Kurtis J. Wiebe, artist and cover artist Owen Gieni, letterer Ryan Ferrier, and variant cover artists Jim Valentino and Owen Gieni.

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