Wytches: Bad Egg Was Worth The Wait

by Tony Thornley

It’s been a little over three years since the first volume of Wytches was collected by Image Comics. I remember reading that first volume clearly, though some of the details are murky.
Wytches: Bad Egg Halloween Special (One-Shot)
Since that time, Scott Snyder and Jock have been incredibly busy, largely with projects with DC among other things. But they kept promising more Wytches, until the first parts of the story that would become Wytches: Bad Egg began to be released in Image+. It was well worth the wait.
At the time I’m writing this review, I’m sitting in my family room, just past midnight, with both my kids asleep as my wife working swing shift. And every little crackle or groan of the house is freaking me out. It’s THAT kind of horror story.
Wytches: Bad Egg Halloween Special (One-Shot)
Snyder, Jock, color artist Matt Hollingsworth and letterer Clem Robins bring us this tale, a story that’s halfway between a one-shot and graphic novel. It takes place several years before volume one, and is the backstory of two crucial characters to the series as a whole, and the upcoming second arc.
[**Spoilers ahead!]

Sebastian is an 11 year old boy who thinks his life is “standard issue.” That is, until a neighbor tries to feed him to a Wytch, and he learns he’s from a long line of Wytchhunters called the Irons. His mother then recruits him into a dangerous hunt, one that may just cost Seb his life…
Snyder is able to jump into the head of an eleven year old boy perfectly. Even though Seb is far from ordinary, he never feels like anything less than a kid. Yes, he’s a child trained to fight in an ancient war, but he’s still a kid, and that’s the story’s biggest strength.

And this story is scary as hell. The vast majority of the horror actually comes from human beings and not the titular monsters. Seb’s targets are terrible people, and it works.
Jock and Hollingsworth’s work sells it even more. Jock’s line art is clear and straightforward until the horror starts. Then it gets rougher and more chaotic until the monsters reveal themselves. He’s still one of the best in the field today, and this story shows why.
Hollingsworth compliments that with his color work. He adds splashes over color that draws you eye and gives you cues to where things are heading. It’s beautiful to look at but also grotesque and unsettling.
If you’re a fan of the first volume, this story will scratch an itch you’ve been missing for a long while. If you’re new to the world of Wytches, this is a fantastic introduction, with a deep dive into series lore.
Robins does great work here. He keeps a very dense script clean and clear. He also does some of the scariest sound effects I’ve read in comics in a long time, and it’s so effective.

Either way, horror fans must pick this up. It’s simply a damn good comic.
Wytches Bad Egg Halloween Special is available now from Image Comics.

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