5 Point Discussions – Radiant 3: “Day of Departure -Alma-“

by Sage Ashford

Seth makes a decision to protect other sorcerers and bring about a change to the world, while Alma remembers exactly how she and Seth met. Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. After Seth manages to block the Cero energy blast from the Nemesis, he responds with an attack of his own.  A super charged version of his usual Titan Punch to put a massive hole into the Nemesis, briefly knocking it out. But since monsters don’t necessarily have the same organs and blood of humans, it manages to get back up, ready to continue their fight. With Seth clearly exhausted, Alma arrives just in time to save her young charge and destroy the Nemesis.
While Seth passes out in her arms, she manages to wrap up the rest of the work–even capturing the Bravery Quartet in a more powerful version of the seal they used to slow the Nemesis down last episode. By the time Seth wakes up, everything’s over…but a fire’s been lit inside of him, to bring peace to the world and an end to the hatred of sorcerers. His plan is to destroy all the Nemesis so no more sorcerers can be created, which seems solid on its face, but…actually just kind of embraces the bigotry they’re experiencing. Getting rid of what makes all humans different just seems like caving to the desires of those who want everyone to be the same. If this is supposed to be a metaphor for racism (something people have claimed the story is about), then that’s not exactly the best message they could be sending.

2. Don Bossman’s idea of looting the normie rubes and leaving them to their fate with the Nemesis is starting to appeal to me more and more. This episode features a flashback to Alma’s past, where she was an amnesiac found by a doctor with a much younger Seth in her arms. With no recollection of who she is or why she has Seth, she sets off on a journey traveling around the world to see if anyone knows them. It’s a pretty rough life for baby Seth, as she ignores him most of the time, looking at him like more of a burden than anything. In the narration, she even talks about abandoning him altogether, but she can never stick to it because she assumes he might be a key to her getting her memory back. This was off-putting until I thought about it: despite being cute, kids really can be a burden, and without knowing whether or not this was even her child, it’s asking a lot to just assume she should wanna take care of him.
Still, she changes her mind completely after she realizes just how awful humanity is in her world. While away on a mission hunting Nemesis, a still very young Seth gets assaulted by a group of boys who blame the loss of their village’s livestock on the nearby sorcerer kid.  Y’know, instead of their parents being inept hillbillies. In a rather uncomfortable scene considering this is so early in the series, the kids start beating Seth up until his powers begin to well up and explode on them. We don’t see what happens to the kids, but we know this summons the entire village out, and they decide to burn the boy at the stake.  Because “group violence” is literally a mob’s solution to everything–if anyone could figure out how to lynch a tornado, I’m sure it’d be some miscellaneous angry mob.
If this keeps up, I’m going to have trouble getting more invested in the story. I like Seth, but this world seems to be pretty crapsack, and they don’t deserve a well-meaning idealist who just wants to save everyone.  On that note…

3. After Seth wakes up from his fight against the Nemesis, he decides to set off on a quest to find the Radiant, the rumored birth place of all the Nemesis. He tries to sneak away without Alma knowing, but unfortunately runs directly into her on the way out of their home. She realizes even if she wants him to stay, he’s too determined to stop any longer, and gives him her broom and some supplies so he can at least seem like a proper sorcerer. As he tries to leave, there’s a brief, but sweet scene where he rushes back for a heartfelt hug before finally setting off on his adventure.  It’s cute, and shows the growth Alma’s experienced in the decade she’s spent watching over this boy–from seeing him as just another mouth to feed to really being protective and caring about him and being the caring (if tough) mother Seth needed for such a garbage world.

4. For the last two episodes they’ve been making mentions of a supposed Inquisition. The most relevant one to the plot came when Alma pointed out Seth shouldn’t use his hands to conduct magic, as that isn’t an ability normal sorcerers have, and the Inquisition hunts down sorcerers that “aren’t normal”. Well, the end of this episode introduces us to the key members of this Inquisition–a collection of weirdos who spend all day hanging out in a church–and they have a new mission that involves a young boy sorcerer. As usual…I have a question.
…Does the Inquisition do anything to capture Nemesis? You know, these giant monsters who kill the majority of humans they touch, and curse the rest?  The one we saw literally laid waste to a town with just two blasts of energy from its mouth, and there appear to be enough sorcerers working to fight them that they have a name for their profession. So, does the Inquisition help with that? Do they pay salaries for Nemesis Hunters and police only the sorcerers who get out of hand? Or are they only going after sorcerers? Because man, if you put together a group just to attack the one group responsible for keeping the peace, it makes everyone involved in that seem incredibly stupid.

5. So the preview for next week’s episode talks about Seth getting captured.  In a single episode?!  Hope he gets free soon, or this series is going to be much shorter than I would’ve guessed…
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