Bob Frazer Joins “Elseworlds” Crossover As Psycho-Pirate

by Erik Amaya


This years Arrowverse crossover, “Elseworlds,” is looking more and more like a Crisis on Infinite Earths.
TVLine reports actor Bob Frazer has joined the crossover event as Roger Hayden, the Psycho-Pirate of DC Comics lore. Created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson in Showcase #56 (though based on a character Fox created with Joe Gallagher during the Golden Age) as a criminal who wore a mask capable of manipulating the emotions of his victims, the character eventually found a special place in the annuls of DC history when he became an ally of the Anti-Monitor in 1985’s Crisis on Infinite Earths and one of the few to remember what the multiverse was like in its pre-Crisis days.
And as the site notes, Hayden is quoted in Iris West-Allen’s (Candice Patton) 2024 article about the Flash’s disappearance saying, “Worlds lived, worlds died. Nothing will ever be the same.” The phrasing will be familiar to anyone who saw marketing materials for Crisis in the lead-up to its release. Hayden also says something similar in his last Crisis appearance.
Beyond Psycho-Pirate, the crossover will also feature LaMonica Garret as Mar Novu, the Monitor who assembles the heroes of several different Earths at the beginning of Crisis. To have both characters in the story suggests many more Crisis events may come into play sooner rather than later. Last year’s crossover paid homage to the Justice League of America Crisis crossovers which saw the League battling or allying with alternate versions of themselves from across the multiverse. Crisis on Infinite Earths was named as such in honor of those stories.
How this will pay of in “Elseworlds” remains to be seen. The crossover begins December 9th on The CW.

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