Supernatural Trucking Hits The Road In Brother Nash TPB From Bridgit Connell

by Olly MacNamee

Way, way back in February we brought you the news of a new supernatural comic called Brother Nash by writer / artist Bridgit Connell. Well, this November 13th the series will be collected by Titan Comics and we’ve got a few more pages to share with you ahead of its debut.

Brother Nash is about a mysterious trucker out West who gets lost in a supernatural adventure with his two friends, a bumbling sweetheart and fellow trucker named Ray, and a strong-willed ranch owner named Billie. On the road they encounter tricksters, motorcycle gangs, zombies, creepy ghost kids, high-speed chases, giant monsters, redneck shaman, witches… and find out that the lore behind astronomy is alive and roaming the earth.


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