Go Down Under With Giant Days: Where Women Glow And Men Plunder #1 Early Preview

by James Ferguson

This year’s Giant Days holiday special goes down under as Ed Gemmell flies down to Australia to meet his girlfriend’s family. Giant Days: Where Women Glow and Men Plunder #1 from Boom! Studios has Ed paying his girlfriend’s dad back for the plane tickets with hard, physical labor, all while basking in the warm glow of holiday sunshine and cheer.

Giant Days: Where Women Glow and Men Plunder #1 will be the first time creator John Allison has both written and illustrated a full-length issue of the series at Boom! Studios.
Shannon Watters, Senior Editor at Boom! Studios says:

This has been an incredible year for Giant Days, so we’re celebrating it with an extra-large issue chock full of EXTREMELY Australian Christmas traditions for Ed Gemmell, but I promise there is plenty to love no matter where in the world you are!

Giant Days is one of my absolute favorite comics so getting an extra issue of it is something I greatly look forward to every year. I cannot wait until this one is released on December 5th, 2018.

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