The Uprising Begins On Next Week’s Episode Of The Gifted

by Erik Amaya

The next step in Reeva’s (Grace Byers) plan comes to fruition as the remaining members of the Mutant Underground recognize where things are headed: a Mutant Uprising. But as this preview of next week’s The Gifted indicates, John (Blair Redford) and the others will take the fight to the Inner Circle in an attempt to stop the coming war.

Granted, things seem pretty dire for the Underground with the Inner Circle fomenting an open conflict and Jace Turner (Coby Bell) aiding the Purifiers in smashing their network. In fact, things seem pretty bleak and, like Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind), it seems like the Inner Circle’s way may be the better choice.
Alternatively, there is always the Morlock path.
But as the season has progressed — and considering the way The Gifted uses the mutant metaphor to talk about current times — it seems as though the tides of factions and conflicts cannot be stopped. And considering we’re at the halfway point, it is entirely possible the Underground will cease to exist by the end of the season.
Meanwhile, Esme Frost (Skyler Samuels) made an interesting strike for individuality this week. Though it was part of the mission, reaching out to Lorna (Emma Dumont) was a positive sign. Also, in finally confirming that she and her sisters are clones, Reeva’s choice to include the triplets in her Inner Circle makes more and more sense.
Oh, also, just who is Reeva seeing on the side?
The Gifted airs Tuesdays on Fox.

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