Justice League #11 Navigates The Choppy Waters Of Crossovers Smoothly

by Olly MacNamee

When you’re riding on a wave of one great story arc after another, and then along comes a crossover event, the waters can get very choppy indeed. But, not for Justice League #11 it would seem, as this week’s issue ties in with the Drowned Earth/Aquaman/JL/TeenTitans crossover with writer Scott Snyder and artist Francis Manapul navigating the waters smoothly.
Okay, okay, I’ll lay off with the heavy handed water-based metaphors, I promise.

One strength of this crossover is that it’s a short one, spanning but a handful of issues before, and the other (I imagine) is Snyder’s close relationship with Drowned Earth scribe James Tynion IV. What it also has going for it is that it’s another kick-ass action-centered issue as we witness more and more of the Earth’s surface world swallowed up by the barbaric floods reigning down on the planet courtesy of a triumvirate of alien sea-gods and changing people into fish-like denizens. All the while Batman stands firm in his steely determination to protect The Totality while Superman, The Flash and Mera go raid some aquatic tombs, unburying more secrets of Arion, the King Arthur figure of the Seven Seas. Oh, and for good measure–as if that isn’t enough of a story to orchestrate–Aquaman is the prisoner of the aforementioned alien deities, with some hefty help on the horizon. Phew, I think that’s everything. Well, there’s far more, but that would be telling. Go get you’re own copy!
It’s yet another issue in what is a astounding run ,with no letting up for breath. Not even by the last page, as someone’s troubles are only made far, far worse.

With such huge, bombastic panels from Manapul, there’s a lot to take in, but with fewer images on each page you’d think this would be a quicker read, but it isn’t. The double page spreads and varied splash pages are totally worth it! They’re all killers and no fillers. Yes you’ll gaze at each majestic page, but there’s plenty of story to keep you entertained too, as you’re jolted from one cliffhanger to another as Snyder chooses when and where to drop you back into one of the several narratives playing out across this issue. Meanwhile ramping up the drama, revelations and the danger facing our divided heroes. Don’t forget the popcorn when you sit down to tread this one.
If you aren’t reading Justice League by now, I really don’t know why. After nearly a year’s worth of issues, this is a series that ain’t slowing down in its determination to be as big and brash as possible and done with such gusto. Just don’t forget the popcorn when you sit down to read this one.
Justice League #11 is currently out from DC Comics.

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