The 6 Most Anticipated Video Games Of 2018 And 2019

by Tito W. James

Death Stranding

Much of Death Stranding’s appeal lies in the mystery of what the plot and gameplay will be like. The game’s director Hideo Kojima has been heralded as a genius for his work on the Metal Gear series. I’ve never played a Kojima game before and this new IP might be a good jumping on point. The celebrity cameos of Guillermo Del Toro and Mads Mikkelsen also has me intrigued. I hope that the gameplay is fun and engaging even if the story might be obtuse.
Death Stranding is expected to release on June 11, 2019.
Babylon’s Fall

From Platinum Games, the studio that brought you Bayonetta and Nier Automata… Stop right there! I’m sold.
In Babylon’s Fall, humanity discovered an energy source known as Oversoul that can be used in combat and to predict the future. After years of strife caused by the new energy source, our player will take control of Nomads to fight the oppressive religious regime of Gaia.
While the trailer for Babylon’s Fall showed nothing more than knights slaying creatures that bleed neon, I’m still pretty hyped. I’m hoping that it’s the perfect mix between crazy action gameplay, rich fantasy world- building, and with an art direction that is detailed without being too busy.
We can expect more on Babylon’s Fall in 2019.
Beyond Good and Evil 2

At each E3 conference, the trailers that stuck with me the most have been from Beyond Good and Evil 2. I haven’t played the original, but I hope that the game lives up to the hype. The scale of the game looks ambitious, maybe a little too expansive. At the very least, Beyond Good and Evil 2 looks like a good movie.
We can expect more info on Beyond Good and Evil 2 in 2019.
Psychonauts 2

Colorful stylized puzzle platformers are due for a comeback and what better franchise than the cult-gaming hit Pyschonauts. I’ve been following the development process for Psychonauts 2 and from what I’ve seen  we can expect improved gameplay while keeping the cast of quirky characters.
Pyschonauts 2 is expected to release some time in 2019.
Darksiders III

Darksiders games are known for fusing puzzle and platforming elements with and hack and slash action. Now that Zelda and God of War (Darksiders’ two main influences) have radically changed their gameplay formula, fans of that retro-style of gameplay may find Darksiders III more appealing. My only concern is that there has been very little gameplay shown and the bosses look noticeably smaller than in Darksiders II.
Darksiders III is set to release on November 27.
Ghost of Tsushima

From SuckerPunch Productions the creators of my childhood favorite stealth series, Sly Cooper comes an epic new ninja game. The world is richly rendered and I have a love of stealth games and samurai stories. Also, unlike the previous trailers, Ghost of Tsushima actually shows uncut gameplay and ultimately that’s what makes a game worth a purchase.
We can expect more information on Ghost of Tsushima in 2019.

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