AlienCon 2018: An Out Of This World Show In Photos

by Hannah Means Shannon

Photo credit to Russell Shannon
You’d be forgiven if you have never heard of AlienCon, since it’s a relatively new event that debuted in LA in 2018, and until this past weekend, had never taken place on the East Coast, but from November 9th through 11th, the show took over a large swath of the Baltimore Convention Center. It brought with it many of the featured guests of The History Channel’s cult-following show Ancient Aliens, along with a wide variety of other speakers, for an impressively full programming schedule, and also featured a vendor’s area for fans.
To all appearances, the panels themselves were the biggest draw of the show, with the main hall often quite full, but the smaller panels also seemed well-attended. Branded merchandise was on offer, but was so popular that a number of items had sold out by midday on Saturday, and that seemed to be typical of the show. To an attendees view, at least, it seemed like a clear success as an event, so we may well see more of AlienCon on the East Coast. While the event no doubt spoke to attendees who were fans of the show Ancient Aliens, a proponent of “ancient astronaut theory”, the event also welcomed more general enthusiasm and geekery related to extra-terrestrial visitation as well as science fiction.
Here’s our take on the show in photos, including celebrity-focused panels, with well over a hundred images to explore:




Photo credits to Russell Shannon

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