The Wars Begin In Bully Wars #3!

by Tony Thornley

For two issues, we’ve been building up to the titular event–a literal war amongst bullies to see who is the bully supreme of Rottenville. In Bully Wars #3, we actually get the beginning of the wars–and we’re in for a surprise!
Bully Wars #3
Skottie Young, Aaron Conley, Jean-Francois Beaulieu and Nate Piekos lay groundwork the rest of the series in this issue. It’s largely transitory, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a fun issue.
Beating Huck is on Rufus’s mind to the point that he’s dreaming about it. Thankfully, he’s about to get his chance, as Coach drops the gang of bullies at the abandoned high school that has become their arena. Rufus is stunned to discover the goal of this year’s war though–Coach has kidnapped Spencer and dropped him into the school! First one to catch him wins!
Bully Wars #3
To be frank, I didn’t see this issue’s twist coming, and that’s to Young’s credit. It ups the stakes of the story while making its lead an active participant in the story instead of “the guy in the chair” role Spencer seemed destined to have. With that, the story remains funny and light, perfect for sitting down to read with your kids.
Conley’s art remains a great tonal companion to Young’s script. His Dragonball/Street Fighter style fight between Huck and Rufus to open the issue was perfectly done, and gives dad something to chuckle about while reading the story with kiddos. He also frames the Bully Wars arena as a truly scary place (to any kid).

Beaulieu’s colors are dark and moody in this issue. It creates a great foreboding feel as the stakes are raised. He doesn’t stray too far from the brightness of the story so far, but sets the tone so well.
Anyone looking for something all-ages to share with their family needs to pick this series up.

Bully Wars #3 is available now from Image Comics!

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