5 Point Discussions – Radiant 5: “A Paradise of Wisdom and Hope -Artemis-“

by Sage Ashford

Alongside Doc and Melie, Seth has finally arrived at the Artemis Academy, a city where sorcerers can finally escape the persecution of other humans. Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. As they say, there’s no such place as a utopia. As Seth, Melie, and Doc arrive in Artemis, Seth’s immediately caught up in the beauty and wonder of the city, in awe that sorcerers could have such a massive place to call home that’s free of persecution. But no place is perfect, and after being tricked by Doc into becoming a denizen of Artemis Academy he immediately learns the flaw of this city.
Coming face to face with the ruler of the city–Master Lord Majesty–they’re invited to sign contracts to make them formal members of Artemis, granting them all the resources of the city.  But after being rushed through the signing, they learn the contracts are actually promissory notes. Containing exorbitant fees for ridiculously mundane things, Seth (and the other admittants) find themselves on the hook for several thousands of dollars, forcing them to complete work for Artemis to pay it off.
That’s not where it ends either–the entire city is rigged to wring every dime out of hapless suckers. Everything from automated bridges to just ordering food runs up their bill, and when Melie loses her temper and blows up a bar, they wind up earning the title “debt king”.  I wonder if this is why Don Bossman started stealing?

2. Before we can sour too much on Artemis Academy though, we get to learn why they’re so money-hungry. Seth gets questioned by a strange old man in a cauldron and assumes it’s to fund research on curses, but that’s only a half truth. While our heroes believe they managed to escape the danger of the Inquisition, they were followed to Artemis, and the city seems like it’s about to be under attack from the very forces they formed to get away from. But Artemis’ reputation isn’t just for giving sorcerers a safe haven. Within moments after the Inquisition arrives, they have a massive army of sorcerers appear for battle, and even that’s more to flex than anything else. While the Inquisition is preparing for battle, they’re told to back down by their homeland.
So the extortion money Artemis gets from every sorcerer is put to good use.  I guess it’s like high taxes in certain countries–hard to complain when you see immediate benefits like this. The money goes to their safety, paying for the military and giving Majesty the kind of funds to bribe diplomats. It’s the cost of giving this group a sanctuary, though you’d think there would be a better way of doing it than lying to new citizens.

3. The entire episode Seth has been trailing the one lead he got from Alma on where to find the Radiant–locate a sorcerer named Yaga. Unsurprisingly, Yaga is the cauldron-dwelling old man who’d been following the group around from the beginning.  Once he reveals his identity, Seth asks him about the location of Radiant, only to be told he’s got a naive dream that couldn’t ever come true.
Yaga points out how incredible a place like Artemis is for sorcerers who’ve been oppressed from the moment they got their curse, but while Seth agrees, he notes there are so many people who don’t live in Artemis who are still suffering thanks to the Nemesis. Seth’s way is also better because it doesn’t involve having people toil away under unreasonable amounts of debt while a pampered cat and his friends sit in an opulent castle, but I guess that part’s not as important.

4. While Seth has narrowly escaped capture, he’s attracted the permanent eye of the Inquisition. Just before the credits, we get a brief glimpse of Inquisition HQ again, with two of them conversing about Seth’s usual trait of horns on his head and the ability to channel and utilize Fantasia with his bare hands. This has been the second or third time we’ve referenced this, so in this case I’d actually like if they just got to the point. I’m certain there’s some sort of prophecy coming sooner rather than later that describes Seth to a T.

5. Next Episode: So Yaga’s agreed to work with Seth under on condition: he proves he’s strong enough to be worth it.  Unfortunately, Alma didn’t get to teach him very much before he set off, and the only other person he knows with magical abilities is Melie. Given she’s only useful when her curse is active, Seth might be in a bit of trouble. He is in a city of fellow sorcerers, but the way things are going he’d probably have to pay a few million just for a single day of training.
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