Drugs, Pregnancy, And Cults In Kaijumax Season 4 #3

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Xian still struggles to cope with what happened with Zonn, but Go-Go Space Baby tries to comfort her. Space Baby also introduces Xian to Miss V, and this gives Xian a chance to find a new family inside Kaijumax. Meanwhile, the guards are still on the take and mistreating the prisoners, and nothing is being done to stop it. Also, Goat struggles to fit in under Queen’s cult.

Kaijumax Season 4 #3 cover by Zander Cannon
Kaijumax Season 4 #3 cover by Zander Cannon

Kaijumax Season 4 has proven to be every bit as strange, intelligent, and entertaining as the prior volumes, and #3 rolls on in fashion.
This issue continues to tackle the themes of power abuse and corruption in prison, the struggles of moving on from an abusive relationship, and substance abuse. It does all of these things while telling the story of a kaiju supermax prison guarded by mech warriors.
As thematically ambitious as Kaijumax is, it still succeeds primarily by being cast with compelling and endearing characters. Xian is a physician who, through circumstance and catastrophe, has wound up inside the prison for which she once worked. Go-Go Space Baby is an earthy and affectionate mother who hopes to see the father of her child again soon. Goat is a drug addicted cthonian creature suddenly enlisted into a cult.
If you are looking to read Kaijumax, I hope you are ready for punny swear replacements, like “megafauna,” “lizza,” and the like. It honestly grew on me pretty quickly.
Kaijumax Season 4 #3 art by Zander Cannon and Jason Fischer
Kaijumax Season 4 #3 art by Zander Cannon and Jason Fischer

Zander Cannon’s artwork is the right mixture of cartoonish and immaculately detailed to straddle the lines of cute, creepy, and strangely human. It’s perfect, because all three visual qualities are necessary to make the tone and themes of Kaijumax gel as well as they do. Plus, the color work, assisted by Jason Fischer, is bright and saturated as to keep the story from ever dipping too deeply into despair, which is appreciated–because Kaijumax can get very real, very fast.
Kaijumax Season 4 #3 is another powerhouse of a comic from Zander Cannon’s wacky world of incarcerated giant monsters. The characters are engaging, the stories are grimly realistic, and the dialogue wavers between ludicrous and poignant–often within the same sentence. It’s a great comic and easily worth of a recommendation. Give it a read.
Kaijumax Season 4 #3 comes to us from writer, artist, letterer and cover artist Zander Cannon and color assistant Jason Fischer.

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