Trailer For Detective Pikachu Reveals Ryan Reynolds As Fuzzy Talking Pokemon

by Christine Marie Attardo

Fans of Pokemon can’t stop talking about Pikachu right now. Why you ask? This week brings the release of the trailer for Detective Pikachuand it is much different than I expected it would be. The good news is Ryan Reynolds is playing the voice of Pikachu and the better news is we finally get to see what it would be like if Pokemon were walking around the earth with us.
The movie, set to release Summer of 2019 will tell the tale of Tim Goodman (Justice Smith), a failed Pokemon trainer, but also the son of a prominent detective. When his father disappears it’s up to Tim and his new pal Pikachu to solve the case.
Take a look at the trailer below to see all of the fun this movie clearly has to offer.

Number one, I love the fuzzy Pokemon. Number two, even if the plot flops…it’s going to be entertaining. Detective Pikachu releases Summer 2019.

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