Shatterstar #2 Is An Extradimensional Trip, Literally!

by Tony Thornley

At one point while reading Shatterstar #2, something clicked for me about why I was enjoying the series so much.

At only two issues in, Tim Seeley, with present day art by Carlos Villa and Juan Vlasco, flashback art by Gerardo Sandoval, color art by Carlos Lopez, and letters by Cory Petit, all wrapped in a stunning cover by Yasmine Putri, has already made the series feel more substantial. It’s a great trick that the team pulls off–it feels like this is the third or fourth arc of a Shatterstar ongoing that we just haven’t been reading.
Shatterstar’s tenants have been kidnapped by his ex-lover and the only chance he has to rescue them is his OTHER ex-lover, Rictor. The two battle a batch of inter-dimensional smugglers to save the day, but ‘Star pushes Rictor away just before they follow the villains into the stargate they’re retreating through. This leaves Shatterstar alone on a world ruled by the Grandmaster in the most intense tournament of his life.

Seeley puts so much into this story–calling it dense is an understatement. None of it feels rushed or undeserved though. This is an adventure, but it’s also a character study into its lead, and a tragic romance. It all comes around to an excellent read.
Villa and Vlasco really stretch their muscles in this issue. Their work last issue was much quieter and comedic. Here, they do a fight that takes up about half the issue, and it’s energetic and exciting. Sandoval, on the flip side, does the quieter work in his flashback scenes, and it’s some of his best work that I’ve seen.

I continue to enjoy Lopez’s color work. He’s able to make alien worlds come to life, but also sets moods wonderfully. The tense conversation between Ric and ‘Star at the beginning of the issue is sold by his work.
At only two issues in, I’m already hoping for a follow-up to this series. It’s worth picking up.
Shatterstar #2 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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