Netflix’s Super Drags: First Impressions

by Tito W. James

So I was scrolling through Netflix and….

Super Drags is about three super-powered Drag Queens who use their fabulous powers to fight threats to the LGBTQ community. The show plays like an odd mash-up of Power Puff Girls and Panty and Stocking. In the first episode alone, our heroines fight a villain who is basically the Human Centipede, but with sodomy.

While the Queer caricatures are sure to offend some viewers, Super Drags doesn’t take itself too seriously. I found parallels between this show’s portrayal of queer culture and Black Dynamite‘s representation of African Americans. It’s over the top, stereotypical, and always funny.
Ultimately the humor and colorful art make Super Drags super fun to watch.
Super Drags Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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